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Shando Ventures Ltd.

Shando Ventures Ltd. specializes in grain storage, parts and extension kits, temp and moisture monitoring, and aeration.

Shando Ventures also sells Diamond Shelters 

Crews - Cranes - Leasing 

Shando sells stair kits for any bin.

Greene Galvanized Stairs 

Evertight Anchors

Screw in anchors great for fences, grain bins, and decks

Removable & Reusable

Bin Sense the new Wireless Grain Monitoring System

- Alerts to Cell via Email, Text & App

- 24/7 Monitoring & Reporting

- Compatible with existing installed cables


- Automated bin unloading systems

- Truck loading auger 

Diamond Shelters

- High Profile

- Free Standing

- Pony Wall 

Call Shando for all your Storage needs 

Trachte Building Systems

- Over 100 Years of manufacturing experience

- The best self storage system on the market 

Grain Guard / Keho 

- In Line Centrifugal Fans

- High Speed Centrifugal Fans

- Low Speed Centrifugal Fans

- Low Temp. grain drying heaters 

Boundary Trail lifetime bin lids

- Replacement lids for most bin sizes

- Convert small bin throats to a 70% larger hole, simple bolt on collar lets you increase the opening size for ease of auger set up.